Wall clock “Origami”

Table clock “JC”

Side table “Orion”

Trivet “Cat”

Kids` lamp “Clouds”

 “Chick” grey

Serving tray “Lii”

Wall clock “Dice”

 “Chick” white

Serving tray “Bird”

Armchair “Puzzle”

Table lamp “Ilda”

Table clock “JC”

Ceiling lamp “Ida”

Armchair concept

 “Chick” black

Table clock “JC”

Floor lamp “Willem”

Kids` lamp “Cyclops”

 Trivet “Liitle birds”

Coaster “Coffee”

Sidetable “Chick”

Kids` hanger “Cyclops”

Bookshelve “SP”

I enjoy creating designs that have a bit of humor in them. Nature variable forms are endless source of inspiration for me. Simple and practical home and kitchen accessories can be designed as playful and funny objects. I think that it is so nice when everyday objects could suddenly make you smile.